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When you work with us, we will help transform your projects, business and processes from definition, through implementation and then ongoing support.

Lean Implementation

Our approach to lean based implementation is based on action learning, leading teams to discover the path to innovation, continuous improvement and reliability.


We support you in dispute avoidance and resolution by providing commercial mediation, litigation and representation at each stage in dispute management

Training and Inspiration

Training courses, workshops and speaking engagements will be tailored specifically for your needs and based on the size or team, and desired outcomes.

The construction sector’s costs are unsustainable. Businesses the world over are feeling the stress of rapid change and of an increasingly difficult commercial environment. Intense competition is coming from global companies, off-site manufacturers and new lean and agile players entering markets.

The sector is under intense pressure to improve the speed and efficiency of its services. Only a few short years ago Intel confronted the industry with the challenge that its constructors could not keep up with the pace at which it was developing new computer chips. Our overly fragmented supply chains are under stress, and clients are questioning the industry’s ability to produce reliable quality at a competitive price.

Lean based process improvement strategies build co-reliance within supply chain teams, they vitalise in-house and project teams, and increase the capacity for continuous improvement at every level of enterprise.

Create greater clarity around your clients’ needs and their level of satisfaction. By creating seamless communication, and true co-reliance within your supply chains, unlock the potential your teams. Vitalised teams drive innovation through better integration, closer collaboration, continuous learning, and innovation.




Streamlined processes in the field and the office: including in planning, quality, cost control, procurement, recruitment, and invoicing


Satisfied end customers, and supply chain partners will result from improved processes and reliable workflows.

Improved Productivity

Improvements in design and construction processes will yield better product quality, productivity and safety on site.


Increased reliability, when people can do what they promise, workflow and processes improve to make significant impacts on bottom line.


We will push you to improve your capacity to innovate through collaborative effort.

Great Support

We work with you as partners to support you in planning, implementation and ongoing management of your lean initiative.


Maximising value for your customer is at the heart of lean. In construction supply chains, we have found that many suppliers believe the head contractor is their one and only customer, because they pay the bill. Suppliers are barely aware of the needs of the following trade or end user. We help teams to recognise their internal and external customers’ needs and how to use feedback at handover to drive continuous improvement.


The ultimate challenge for any enterprise is to create vitalised and agile supply chains. Leading enterprises develop supply chains that thrive on reliable practices and behaviours, problem solving capability, respect and innovation. Strong leadership not only defines the vision, it leads and monitors the implementation strategy. Leadership should not only set expectations, but demand feedback so it can provide ongoing direction.


Co-reliance is the recognition among supply chain members that they rely on each other for business sustainability. We help supply chain team members understand this at a core level. Co-reliant teams learn to jointly surface and solve problems, truly collaborate and drive innovation.


We can help your teams to improving plan reliability by up to 33%, and research has proven that this can increase subcontract labour productivity by up to 25%. Robust planning based on the Last Planner System® leads to reliable workflow. We teach pull planning, making work ready, analysing the reasons for plan failure. Reliable workflow also underpins improvements in safety, quality and productivity.


Standard Work reduces wasted effort, avoids error, and makes room for innovation. As work processes are standardised, behaviours and practices become more reliable, the workplace becomes more efficient, calmer, safer, and quality improves. This allows everyone’s focus to shift from fire-fighting to planning and innovation.

Client Testimonials

Marton Marosszeky was instrumental in providing clarity around lean production at our company. He is a clear and concise communicator and can explain lean construction principles across all roles in the company. He has mentored our Construction Foreman, provided fresh insights to delivery approach with our Project Managers, worked with our Office Staff in process optimisation and helped establish the lasting foundations of lean construction in our company.

Sam Edwards,

CEO Edwards Constructions Pty Ltd