Our Motto – Building Quality in Construction

Based on our extensive experience, we will help you develop an implementation strategy that is robust and meets your needs
and reflects your priorities.

Lean Implementation Workshops

Working with your team to collaborate and train, including:

  • Workshops to identify improvement opportunities and develop strategy
  • Last Planner® training in design and construction
  • Language in action and PreStart approach to build Co-reliance

We help you develop your unique implementation strategy and customise our training to meet your needs and constraints.

Monitoring and Action

Continuous process improvement initiatives, metrics and reporting, including:

  • Value stream mapping to improve business processes
  • 5 S implementation in the office and workplace
  • Developing an effective performance framework
  • Introducing visuality into the workplace

Mediation and Resolution

We support you in dispute avoidance and resolution by providing:

  • Commercial mediation
  • Litigation support in relation to quality management issues in construction
  • Membership of Dispute Resolution Boards

Training & Public Speaking

Marton Marosszeky is an experienced trainer and a motivational speaker. He is passionate about industry reform and organisational change, he helps leaders see opportunities through the lens of lean thinking and helps them to drive change in their organisations.